Recent Projects

2017- Art Centre


Benmax decided to go with Hydroflow / Victaulic as they needed a fast solution wanted a fast and tidy solution to such an iconic Christchurch heritage building.
Victaulic worked well in this application as no welding was required, Nor was the need to fabricate this on site, Benmax fabricated all pipe spools offsite and Hydroflow Bagged an Tagged to its desired location, Once onsite the fitters simply put together like a mecano set.
Dave Morley – Benmax Site Supervisor said if we welded this system it would have taken allot longer, plus being an enclosed site health and safety risks where of a concern.


AKL Airport Americold


As part of the largest cold storage network in the world, Americold have a key warehouse at Auckland Airport, Auckland, New Zealand. Due to the issues with the existing Glycol sprinkler system install in the warehouse, the consultant chose to replace it with a roof only preaction system.

The Victaulic Upright LP-46 was chosen as the sprinkler head for the project due to its low pressure requirements, and its ability  to provide roof only protection and eliminate the need for in-rack sprinklers. The fact that the LP-46 had undergone full scale testing  to authenticate its performance with FM Global, gave comfort to all parties with regards acceptability.  The harsh environment of -28°C in an operating freezer, with business needing to continue as usual for Americold, meant for  the contractor, Argus Fire Protection, the labour force were only allowed to work cold side for 30 minutes in the hour. The electric  powered platforms used for installation of the roof level pipework were also effected by the extreme cold and tool battery life was  seriously lessened. 

The contractors, Argus Fire Protection sought innovative products that could reduce the time in the freezer that would bring a competitive advantage as well as health and safety benefits. Victaulic FireLock EZ® Style 009H rigid couplings were used as they significantly reduced the time spent in the cold, and the shape  and performance of the gasket meant they could be used right out of the box. Victaulic FireLock NXT® Series 769 Pre-action device  was the valveset of choice due to its speed of response, simplicity of operation and reduced footprint. The valve sets were delivered to  the site in Vic® Quick Ready (VQR) fully pre-trimmed, requiring only minimal on-site work.

Fire Main

This Backflow is a 200mm 2000SS detector check installed on a fire main.